Monday, June 28, 2010

A Little At A Time

So I was going through my posts and looking at all of the drafts I'd started and deciding if I wanted to finish them or not. This one was too funny not to finish. It happened back at the end of June.
So it was Tucker's birthday and to celebrate my parents took us all and some of Tucker's friends to Jump On It, this building that just has a ton of trampolines lines up together and they just cover the floor and some of the walls.
So we were all there just jumping around like a bunch of maniacs, doing all sorts of stunts. Well you know how sometimes when you jump on the tramp you pee a little? And you know how when you get jeans a little wet it looks a lot worse than it actually is? Well I was wearing jeans. I as I was jumping, a little pee would come out. So basically by the end of the night it looked like I'd lost all bladder control. I'm pretty sure everyone noticed, but only a few commented on it. My sister Megan, who bluntly informed me that there is medication for bladder control nowadays. Naya, who I told it was just sweat...and she believed me. Sweet sweet Naya. And my mom, who I tried the sweat thing with and she just laughed at me.
Wow, I'm kind of mortified that I just told that story. But like I said, it's too funny not to share.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Summer Nights

Twilight. The crickets are chirping, there are a few bird calls. There's a slight breeze blowing to cool the remaining heat from the day. A peaceful night in Logan, UT.

"Mo's stealing second! Get her get her!"
"Mo you dirty whore! Come here!"
"Aaa! No! NO!"

A figure is laying in the ground, curled up around two sandals, while another figure repeatedly throws a small white ball at the one on the ground.

This is what I call baseball! Well actually we were using a t-ball set and were kind of making up rules as we went along. And we weren't really on teams either. So it's not what you'd call baseball really, but it was fun!

That's what I love about summer, doing random things with your friends. That's what I love about any season of the year really, but during the summer it's warmer thus more fun.

This week my friend Rowbs and I went up to Logan to visit and we did all sorts of activities. Soccer, Cliff Jumping, jumping into first dam at like midnight and then breaking into a random pool to get warm again, getting kicked out of said pool by an ornery old lady, driving to bear lake, soccer, t-ball. Oh yeah, we also did henna tattoos and wrote a pretty epic story for our teammate who is at basic training right now.

My point is, I guess, that we need to take advantage of these things while we're still young. I understand that we have responsibilities such as work and class and whatnot, but you aren't going to remember in thirty years what you learned in class that day. You're going to remember being curled up on the ground with your makeshift second base firmly grasped in your hands while your friend shannon tries beating you to death with a styrofoam ball. Ahh the memories.