Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Twenty Ten

So I'm sitting here listening to hate music and compiling my mix for snowboarding (when I eventually get to snowboarding this winter I want to be prepared with the appropriate soundtrack) and thinking about how much has happened this last year. It's crazy to think how much can change in that amount of time. I'm just going to share with you some of the things I mean.

January - Giulia left the ranks of the YUC club, the second of the four girls my age to get married. Unfortunately, I was unable to attend her wedding because I had some problems with some of my offshore banking accounts...uhhh...I mean I was on a cruise with my family to the Cayman Islands. (That trip was the first time I'd been on a plane, but I can't really count it as happening in the last year because we left on like the 27th of December) I moved into the Green house with Kylee and JB two of my best friends who I really miss living with somedays because we were the chillest roommates ever.

February - I think it was sometime in February that I became friends with Guido (Yes, I call him Guido. No, that's not his real name.) He'll be mentioned again later. Rugby 7's was this month! Oh man that trip was epic! Buff men covered in dirt and grass stains...Rawr.

March - I continued to be sick of school and sucking at it. But on the plus side I did lots of random things and had lots of fun with my awesome friends. Remember trying to light our popsicle stick boats on fire and failing miserably? Or did we do that in April...Kaylyn left for her mission, and I'm so freakin proud of her for going!

April - Finals! I'm fairly positive I failed all of my classes...except nutrition. I think I got a D in that one. This was when I got a job with Pinnacle Security as a field office manager and would be moving out to Buffalo, New York for the summer. Guido is the one who told me about this job and he's going out to New York as well. This is also the month that we had our epic ninja battle in Adam's Park! Poor Shannon, her teammates just stood back and watched as we subjected her to the beating of her life. Grizzly tryouts were this month as well and I got my first set of stitches ever!

May - I moved to New York. There were moments of complete happiness, but it was mostly just a black hole of depression.

June - The office I was working in wasn't making sales so I went home. I was also miserable so I came home. I started going to the singles ward in American Fork, the first singles ward that I've actually enjoyed going to. Jess left for Iraq at the end of this month.

July - Mexico trip and I drove down with Megan, Naya and Sabey. Despite the fact that it was freezing the entire time and we ended up leaving early so we could get back to Utah and the sun, it was pretty fun. The funnest part was stopping in Vegas on the way home and going to the Stratosphere. Yes, it took us like two hours to get up to the ride and when we were RIGHT THERE it broke down. But we had our embarrassing dance party on the way down that still makes me giggle when I think about it and then there was the Filipino lady who wasn't going to refund Naya so Megan was preparing to start smacking her down (no worries, Naya got the full refund and no Filipinos were hurt). I moved to Pleasant Grove with Megan to help her out with Sabey while Jess is in Iraq. The Young Family reunion was up at Bear Lake this year and Erin and I slept in an 8-man tent by ourselves. This is where the "Sometimes We Wear Pants Club" and the "Sometimes We Don't Wear Pants Club" were born.

August - Finally I found a job! It's working with Provo City as a referee for youth soccer. I LOVED this job!

September - My soccer job ends, and I get another job at the Covey Center for the Arts in Provo as a stage hand. I didn't know anything about lighting/sound/other stage things so I was learning new stuff everyday. I love it. This is also when I came to the decision to serve a mission. Tucker left for his mission and I am terrible at writing him.

October - I finally stop crying over Guido. Sure, I still felt lonely 75% of the time and missed him like crazy, but I was starting to be genuinely happy again instead of just having to fake it.

November - Finally am able to start my mission papers and finish them in one sitting. I just need to go to a doctor to sign a note. I worked a ridiculous amount of time this month, one week I clocked in 50 hours. The next week I worked like 60.

December -21st Birthday. Some friends came down and took me on a zombie hunt, after which they gave me my present. Pretty much I have the coolest friends in the world! Erin got engaged, leaving me to sleep in the 8-man tent at the family reunions by myself. Maybe I can convince Naya and some of the other younger Young cousins to join me?

This is mostly just me writing everything that is coming to my mind, so I don't know if it even makes any sense or if you can see how much I've changed in the last year. I feel like I've grown up so much and my priorities now are so incredibly different than they were just a year ago. My future isn't any clearer though. If anything, it's even hazier, which is fine. It's ok that I don't have everything in life figured out, I'm still young, and things are going to get harder before they get easy. But that's life and growing up isn't it? Just as long as I make sure that certain things are always constant then I really have nothing to worry or complain about. This was kind of a sadish post I feel, it actually was a really good year for me, filled with great friends and great family.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

What's Lost

So I've been feeling a little....blah...lately. Like I'm missing something in life. It went away when I started working a lot, but then it came back. It went away when I started my mission papers, but then it came back. It goes away when I am hanging out with friends, but then is comes back. It always comes back, and I couldn't figure out what it was that was making me feel so...blah...

Well I was on Facebook today when I read something that made me realize what it is! The following quote is said in reference to defending yourself from someone who has a knife.

"Look, you are going to get cut. Who cares? Beat the $*@& out of them and pick the knife up off the ground for the disarm; and bleed all over them in the process. Remember, they don't expect you to punch them in the face. When you are attacking someone with a knife and you suddenly get punched in the face, that ruins your day." -Joseph Gleed

I miss Krav Maga! I miss learning new ways to beat the crap out of people who are just asking for it! But I mostly miss being with people who are just as violent as I am and have a similar morbid sense of humor. I need a violence outlet, because without it I've become dead inside. All this pent up anger is killing all of my other emotions and then petering out until there's nothing left. This is a problem that is in need of remedy. And soon.