Friday, January 14, 2011

Thoughts on clams, road construction, the usefulness of batteries, and how I have a magic radio

So I've been having these thoughts bouncing around in my head all day (although some of them happened on the drive home) and I need to write them down before I stop being loopy and forget them.

Clams: Why the crap are they so happy? Drugs perhaps? I think that's the only way, because what to they really have to be happy about? Someone should tell them but I can't be the one because A) the only clams I have access to would probably be the ones at Sizzler or something and they already know life sucks and B) I'd hate to be the one to burst their bubble of happiness.

Road Construction: Effing potholes on the stupid freeway! Did I already tell you guys how I got a flat tire on my way to work last week because I hit a pothole? And it was balls cold outside and no, I didn't have my coat because I'm an idiot sometimes. But an optimistic idiot! Driving home today I was driving half in the slow lane and half in the not-so-slow lane before my exit because the slow lane is actually a pothole ridden DEATH TRAP! Also, people who drive 50 mph in the fast lane suck.

Batteries: Useful for powering things and that's it right? WRONG! You can throw them at people to see if they're dead.

Magic Radio: Driving home, trying to aviod the slow lane, had just called my *bleh* boyfriend (maybe I'll explain someday) to say we could now play. He didn't answer. So I'm driving and come to the conclusion that if I find the song that is my ringtone on the radio, it will make my phone ring and it will be him. After ten minutes of fruitlessly searching through radio stations I found the song, and not two seconds later MY PHONE STARTED RINGING! And it was him! Like I said. My radio is magic and I'll try to use it's powers for limites evil and mostly good.

That is all. I'm going to go and try to have an adventure.

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